2,001 km
2,001 kilometres of bends. Navarre is the odyssey...

4 routes to discover Navarre

Barcelona - Pamplona (715 km)

Spectacular journey that will take us near Navarra by taking us up to the Catalonian Pyrenees, to then enter Navarra through the Roncal Valley after a lovely drive on an abundance of winding roads.

Madrid - Pamplona (572 km)

A pretty leg on the journey that will bring us from Madrid to the Navarrese capital, over 572 kilometres that will takes us into the provinces of Madrid, Guadalajara, Soria, Burgos, La Rioja and Navarra.

Santander - Pamplona (422 km)

A lovely bendy route that will bring us close to Pamplona while following the Basque coast until we reach Donostia, probably the prettiest town in the world. We will drive into Navarre from the North, following the Urumea river, and reach our final destination after driving through towns such as Leitza and Lekunberri.

Valencia - Pamplona (769 km)

A beautiful journey that, after letting us enyoy the countryside of Cuenca, Teruel, Zaragoza, Soria and La Rioja, will take us into Navarra.