2,001 km
2,001 kilometres of bends. Navarre is the odyssey...

ROUTES: Osasuna guiando al pueblo (307 km)


Distance: 307 km
Date prepared: 2004-05-02
Date updated: 0000-00-00


Route that takes us over the plains of the Rivera of Navarre, with long straights on the roads, open countryside and historical towns.


307 km. (31 sections)
Motorways and highways: 9.6 km
Local / Secondary: 297.4 km


PAMPLONA - N-121 (2.6 km)

We top up the tank at the Noain petrol station and warm up the engine over 3 kilometres of highway on the AP-15 road. We leave the highway to join the N-121 at a point from which we can see the Noain Aqueduct, built in the XVIII century.


N-121 - NA-6020 (11 km)

We drive past the aqueduct, leaving it behind to our left, and continue on this busy two-way road that runs through Tiebas and Campanas, two adjoining towns. After that we start driving on a slight uphill , at the top of which we take a right turn onto the NA-6020 towards Artajona.


NA-6020 - Artajona (13.4 km)

This road is slightly patched-up but the surface is good and we can enjoy the first few curves that wind through fruit orchards and wheat fields.

This leg takes us to Artajona, a fortified town that has been the location for medieval films such as Robin & Marian. The restored fortified wall will call on us to stop and climb it, and take some pictures from its battlements.


Artajona - Tafalla (10.7 km)

We leave Artajona and head for Tafalla on the NA-6030, driving on a slight uphill with zigzagging bends. The highest point offers a good view of the area before we start the descent towards Tafalla. There is a fork at mile point 8, but this must not lead to confusion, as all roads lead to Tafalla.


Tafalla - NA-8607 (4 km)

We are now on the NA-8607. We drive through Tafalla on a long straight stretch and leave on the N-121 until we reach a big stop sigh, where we turn left towards Olite on the NA-8602 road.


NA-8607 - Olite (2.3 km)

Olite is the capital of the wine-making area of Navarra, and its centered around the Castle of Carlos III. The castle and its outbuildings are a great tourist attraction, and very interesting to see. 

At the entrance into the town, our route takes us to the left on the N-5301 that bypasses the town centre and the walls of the castle, until we reach a roundabout where we head for Beire.


Olite - Beire (4.6 km)

From here, the route gets straighter and runs through vineyards and farmland. We drive into Beire over a narrow bridge over the Cidacos river.


Beire - Pitillas (3.3 km)

We leave Beire on the NA-5331 towards Pitillas, driving over open landscapes and on a straight stretch of road.


Pitillas - Santacara (8.3 km)

We leave Pitillas and continue on the NA-5330 towards Santacara.

We will drive past the Pitillas pond, a site where migratory birds nest, with a very active birdwatching centre set on its bank.

We drive into Santacara until we find a T-junction where we turn right onto the NA-1240 towards Traibuenas and Caparroso.


Santacara - N-121 (8.6 km)

We drive on a road with little traffic density, straight and level, which allows us to enjoy the views of the Ribera of Navarre.

At the end of this leg, we find a roundabout with a Stop sign where we join the N-121 towards Zaragoza.


N-121 - NA-134 (19 km)

We drive the nearly 19 kilometres of this leg on a very good road with perfect tarmac.

We reach Caparrosso by driving over a bridge over the Aragon river, and drive through this town, at the end of which there is a slight slope.

After this, the leg runs straight between pine trees with rest areas on both sides, and then through the arid desert landscapes of the Bardenas Reales.

The end of this leg is marked by a downhill at the bottom of which, beside a hostel called "Los Abetos", we find a fork set into a curve. We need to stop and join the NA-134 on the left, towards Valtierra.


NA-134 - Arguedas (8.8 km)

The NA-134 runs beside the towns of Valtierra and Arguedas, though we prefer to drive through both, at low speeds. This leg ends a short while later, as we head for Tudela.


Arguedas - NA-8703 (9.4 km)

After Arguedas we drive straight on, on the NA-134 until we reach a roundabout where we take the NA-8703 towards Tudela.


NA-8703 - Tudela (2 km)

We reach Tudela by driving over a bridge over the Ebro river. After the bridge we drive under a small bridge over which the railway runs, and we turn right onto a cobbled street that takes us to a roundabout where we take the NA-160 towards Cintruenigo.


Tudela - Cintruenigo (17 km)

This road runs straight until we reach a Stop sign 1.5 minutes away from Cintruenigo, which is the way into the town.


Cintruenigo - NA-6920 (2 km)

We are now over the first third of this route. We drive out of Cintruenigo on the NA-8708 and, after a straight stretch of 2 kilometres, we reach the end of this leg at a crossroads where we turn left onto the NA-6920 towards Corella.


NA-6920 - Corella (4 km)

The NA-6920 takes us to Corella on a straight stretch over 3 kilometres of good road.


Corella - LR-285 (4 km)

4 kilometres further on, on the same road, we leave the province of Navarra and enter La Rioja.


LR-285 - Rincón de Soto (9 km)

We head for Rincon del Soto on the little travelled road LR-285, a well-kept straight road. The scenery is of lovely open farmland and vineyards. We reach a roundabout that takes us onto the N-232 towards Logroño.


Rincón de Soto - El Villar de Arnedo (26 km)

The N-232 is a mainly straight road with quite a bit of traffic density and a lot of lorries on it.

We drive past Calahorra and, at the end of this leg, reach El Villar de Arnedo, where we leave this main road to take a country road, the LR-123, towards Lodosa.


El Villar de Arnedo - NA-123 (5 km)

6 kilometres further on we drive back into Navarre, where the road changes its name to NA-123.


NA-123 - NA-6220 (2 km)

We keep on driving on the NA-123 for 2 kilometres. The road takes us over an overpass over the AP-68 motorway, until we reach a crossroads to the left that takes us onto the NA-6220 towards Sartaguda.


NA-6220 - Lodosa (5 km)

This is a well-kept road and with nice straight stretches (of up to 4.5 metres) that takes us to Lodosa, towh which we reach by crossing a bridge over the Ebro river.

As we come out of this town we reach a roundabout where we turn left towards Mendavia.


Lodosa - Mendavia (13 km)

We are now driving on the limits between Navarre and La Rioja for the next 2 kilometres. On this boundary line, we can see the remains of an old Roman aqueduct, and a rest area where we can stop and stretch our legs.

A few kilometres further on, we get to Mendavia.


Mendavia - NA-7200 (14 km)

On leaving Mendavia, we can top up at the petrol station before we start on the last third of our trip. on the NA-6310.

The road is straight, but with a bad surface. The landscape is flat and dedicated to brave Spanish cattle breeding.

11 kilometres on we drive through Lazagurria and start on a windy stretch of road. The NA-6310 takes us to a stop sign between the towns of Sansol and Torres del Rio. In this last town we can find the Santo Sepulcro church, a temple with an octogonal base that is attributed to the Templars.


NA-7200 - NA-743 (19 km)

At the Stop sign between Sansol and Torres del Rio we turn left and, a few metres further on, we will join the NA-7200, a narrow road with lots of curves. We drive on a slight uphill through the towns of Armañazas, Espronceda, Torralba del Rio, Azuelo and Aguilar de Codes, where the downwards slope begins. We drive downhill and past the town of Cabredo, on our left, where the road levels out. A few meters past Cabredo we drive onto the NA-743, where this leg of the route ends.


NA-743 - A-126 (3 km)

The NA-743 is slightly wider than the last road, and also in good condition. This leg is only 3 kilometres long, until we reach Genevilla, and the 3 kilometres of road are flanked by thick foliage on both sides of the road.

We drive through Genevilla and drive into the province of Alava.



A-126 - Sta. Cruz de Campezo (3 km)

We go on ovet 3 kilometres until we reach Santa Cruz de Campezo in the province of Alava. This leg runs on a mostly straight road with some curious milestones that, instead of marking the mile point, indicate the distance to Vitoria or Logroño, depending on the side of the road they are on.


Sta. Cruz de Campezo - NA-132-A (4 km)

Once past Santa Cruz de Campezo, we drive onto the A-132 and, after just 4 kilometres of driving, we drive back into the province of Navarra, where the road changes its name to the NA-132-A

During all of this leg, the road is wide, well maintained, and without much traffic on it.


NA-132-A - Estella (27 km)

The NA-132-A is a nice, comfortable, fast road to drive on.

We get to Estella and, after driving through it in a Northern to Southern direction, we get to the last leg of our route.


Estella - PAMPLONA (42 km)

Once at this point, if we are not too tired, we can select to drive on the old N-111 road, that will take us through towns such as Lorca, Cirauqui, Mañeru, and the most famous of all, Puente la Reina. After driving through this last town we will drive up the Perdon mountain pass, at the top of which we can make out Pamplona, where our leg ends.

The other option is to take the dual carriageway, the A-12, which drives us straight to our final destination.